Pool Table Cloth

Pool Table Cloth or Felt  Replacement:


Pool table Cloth replacement also known as felt  by many people is a huge part of our business. Billiard cloth should actually be called wool or woolens since it is typically 85% or more wool. The cloth comes in 2 styles: standard and worsted, with variations in weights and weaves in both styles. Cloth or felt is available in many colors and styles today, the most durable and longest lasting fabric is worsted wool. Worsted woolens are  sold by several manufacturers  Iwan Simonis,  Gorina, and Championship are the most popular. The worsted wool is sheared very tightly and doesn’t pill or produce fuzz on the table and plays faster than standard cloth.   I personally use the standard Championship cloth and recommend it highly, it’s less expensive than worsted clothes and plays great if installed properly. We can mix slate and rail cloth colors as well to get a unique look. Custom logos are also available but they tend to be expensive, but wow they can really make a statement. Usually we can get your cloth order in 3 business days, if I don’t have it in stock.

Pool Table Cloth Replacement:

Replacing billiard cloth requires partially taking the pool table apart, we remove the rails and pockets while pulling the old staples. While we have the cloth off the slate, we will re-level and seam the slates and frame as part of the recovering process (No Extra Charge). Pool table rails have a wood or rubber strip called a feather-strip that holds the cloth in place.  If when recovering the cloth we find a problem with the feather-strip we replace them.  If you are thinking about recovering your table give us a call, estimates are always free.  I would be happy to answer any cloth/felt questions you may have!  We will also level your pool table for free with a recover service.

Check out the links for Championship and Simonis pool table cloth if you would like to see more samples:


        http://www.iwansimonis.com/                                         http://www.champbilliards.com/

Worsted pool table recovering cloth

Simonis worsted wool


Championship Billiard Cloth

Billiard cloth is available in many colors…












#6 Leather pockets- Standard

Standard #6 leather pockets


Antique #3 Leather Pocket

#3 Leather Pockets

 Cushions and Pockets:

We  have cushion rubber replacements for almost any style table, including standards like K-66, K-55, U-23, Century, and several others…

A common misconception is that you need to replace all of the cushions if one is defective, I can replace just the bad one saving you money! Most cushion replacements can be done on site and many times without replacing the cloth, provided it isn’t badly worn.

Leather and rubber pockets sometimes need replacing, we can provide those too. Leather pockets come in several finishes as well as fringe and shield colors, allowing the customer to coordinate their cloth and pockets. Pockets such as #6 leathers are the most common, but I can get the antique #3’s and rubber pockets for gameroom style tables  as well.


Cushion Rubber